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Hey guys :) I'm a 17-years old girl and i looooove to read :) I hope u will enjoy my side :D ♥

Ruby Red ♥

Ruby Red - Kerstin Gier

Whats up. Bros? :)
I read the original german version of Ruby Red, Saphire Blue and Emerald Green and i would like to recommend it to EVERYONE. (Okay, maybe just the girls, cause it's a little bit cheesy :p) The Ruby Red Trilogy is one of my favorite series at ALL. It's amazing, it's very well written and omg, it's so damn cute. 
The Highlight of the Books happens in the third book. So the first two are just full of love, tragody and fun :) 

I read it a long time ago, but I still know that it's wonderful.
The Story is about a young girl , Gwendolyn, who's living in a big  house with nearly everyone of her family: Her mother, her brother, her grandma, her aunt, her cousin Charlotte and many more. But it's not a normal family, because one of the family has a tions in her, which allows her to travel to the time. This person is Charlotte. So she get trained for it and learned everything about it since she was a small girl. But one day, when Gwen was at school she figured out, that not Charlotte is the tionswaerer, but her. And so she has to learn everything Charlotte had learned when she was a child and it's not as easy as expected... and on top of that theres the cute Gideon, who is also a time traveler...


I just can repeat myself. This books are fantastic. Just read it :)

Stay awesome, bros :)

Adieu! ♥